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The companies listed on this page are operated by people who offer quality products that we have used ourselves with great results. and share the common goal of making horse's lives better. The links on this page are not here to gain Internet rankings!


EquiMed, "The Horse Owner's Horse Health Website." A site dedicated to horse owners and horse healthcare.


The Texas Hay Net. Save 40%-50% on your hay bill!
Texas Hay NetCertainly we are all looking for ways to eliminate waste in our hay feeding programs and The Texas Hay Net drops waste to almost nothing, but the benefits of slow feeding are recognized as a way to restore a horse to its proper weight and balance out the functions of organs. Slow feed mimics the horse's intake of feed in the wild and in doing so does not overwhelm the body organs with more than they can handle. As a matter of fact, slow feeding will actually cause the organs to function well again because they are taking in food at a rate in which the organs are designed to handle. Saliva in the mouth is able to begin the digestion process normally. The liver, responsible for filtering out toxins from the system is no longer in overwhelm trying to handle the heavy metal toxins present due to fertilizers used in the growing process. We have our horses on slow feed now thanks to Leslie at the Texas Hay Net. This is a tough, durable net capable of putting up with a lot of horsing around for a number of years.


Earth Song RanchEarthSong Ranch utilizes the best ingredients, in the freshest, health enhancing products for horses, cats and dogs. The products are simple, natural formulas, competively and resonably priced and they are blended using the highest quality of ingredients, most of which are human grade, in a clean, new facility. If you are looking for an alternative way to handle a health issue, go to their website and drop them an email.


Healthy Horses NaturallyCatherine Bird, Healthy Happy Horses Naturally


Herbs for the Horse Owner, by Catherine Bird

Horse and other animal rescue operations


Tennessee Horse Haven web site:


Doberman Pinscher and Little Paws Rescue in Filmore, California web site:


Orphan Acres in Viola Idaho:


ASPCA: Another group of people dedicated to helping desperate horses


The American Warmblood Registry


The Tennessee Chapter of the National Barrel Horse Association


Equestrian Aid Foundation:


Life Savers Wild Horse Rescue:  


Journey's End Sanctuary is where you hope animals end up to be re-homed. 


Private retirement for your beloved horse. Incredible people in an incredible place, doing wonderful things for horses.


Another fine group of Rescue Angels.



skodes horse treatsSkodes Horse Treats The best guaranteed low sugar low starch treats on the market. Skode's recipes are created with the advices offered by top equine veterinarians. They are the safest treat you can offer your horse.
L.A Pomeroy opens the door for equine businesses to reach out and communicate to your audience. Sox For Horses, Inc. would not be where it is today without L.A as its press agent. Thank you L.A. Behind every great equestrian business is a great horse story... What's yours?
Equiwinner is a patented, non-invasive dermal patch. It serves as a natural electrolyte-balancing system. It's safe, effective and easy to us. One 10 day, single treatment of patches can be effective for months and even up to one year, when used as directed. Equiwinner patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes. Nothing goes into the horse's body. The body simply recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them. No side effects and Equiwinner will never test positive in any competition, race, event or sport.

We used these patches on our own horse that suffered from anhidrosis, the failure to sweat, and today, she sweats great. Sox For Horses, Inc.
I am breaking new ground using clicker training as taught by Peggy Hogan to bring an adopted Jenny donkey from a near state of feral to one hug loving and gentle burro. It's gentle and Coco has gone from running away from me to looking forward to the next time I come around. This is no longer a donkey I have to chase for anything. Raymond Petterson
Equestrisafe makes identification bands for your animals so that in the event, something happens and they are out on their own, someone can figure out where they came from and help you get them back. It just makes sense.
For those with an open mind, Heather Bristol is an animal communicator. I used her to help me unlock some major trust issues that were preventing Coco, my rescued Jenny from bonding and opening herself up to me.

Heather has also worked with top horse trainers and veterinarians (from Racehorses to Hunter/Jumpers) to assist in the communication between horse and human. She has communicated with many different types of animals, from cats and dogs to snakes and donkeys; always with the goal to deepen the connection between human and animal.
Discover the wonderful, whimsical art of Marti McGinnis. You and your children will delight in this feast for the eyes.
Another of our favorite artists, Rebecca Raubacher's art is a joy to wear. Check out then out next time you need a really cool present for the equinestas in your life.
Another great place to find a cool gift for you or your equinestas in your life. During Pam's 28 years painting backdrops for Broadway, ballet, and opera she learned many techniques for applying designs to fabric. She is now using that knowledge to explore cultures through study and reinterpretation to their textile designs, art and architecture. Her scarves and belts are beautiful and very affordable.