NIKWAX WaterproofWhinny Warmers® thick, warming socks for horses are ultimately about giving horses -- whose circulation has been compromised by impairing conditions such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, laminitis, founder, or arthritis -- the comfort of warmth and increased circulation during cold winter temperatures. To bring as many hours of warmth to your horse’s cold legs as possible and optimize that goal, Sox For Horses recommends waterproofing your Whinny Warmers®.

Ducks have special oil-producing uropygial glands for natural waterproofing. Also known as “the preen gland,” it is at the base of the tail and produces a water-repellant oil that ducks spread over their feathers while grooming. Waterproofing horse socks is also about enhanced water-resistance. Knitted yarn is more porous than other more tightly woven fabrics, and can absorb water (i.e., if a horse stands in a pouring rainstorm). Short of pulling Wellingtons on your horse, soaking wet legs under those circumstances are unavoidable.

But you can ensure your horse enjoys the maximum amount of time in dry, warm socks. Nikwax® TX Direct® is a safe-to-equine-skin fiber treatment that causes the fibers to shed water in snow or drizzling rain. The treatment keeps socks warm and dry for long periods if properly applied.

If your horse loves to live outdoors, Whinny Warmers® should be treated with TX Direct®. Optimally, you should keep a warm dry second pair ready to go so that every morning and evening, your horse has a dry, warm set of socks to wear. If your horse is kept in a barn at night or not wearing socks during turn-out, Whinny Warmers® do not require water-proofing.

Nikwax® provides two products for optimum application. The first phase of sock treatment is washing in a pre-treatment called Tech Wash®. Tech Wash® prepares the fiber to receive the water proofing by removing residual yarn treatments used in spinning (there is always wax applied to any fiber that is spun into yarn and this is removed by using Tech Wash®).

Now your Whinny Warmers® are ready to receive the TX Direct®. Sox For Horses recommends the cost effectiveness of the Nikwax® spray-on version.

“Customers have asked from time to time why we don’t manufacture Whinny Warmers® already waterproofed,” said Sox For Horses president, Ray Petterson. “The answer to that question is that, in the knitting industry, the chemicals used to waterproof fiber are not pleasant or green in their application. When we say ‘not pleasant,’ we mean commercial chemicals we would not want against our own skin, which is far less sensitive than equine skin. Nikwax® is absent of egregious chemicals that can irritate or harm equine skin. We trust this product is not only doing the job as best it can be done on socks, but that horses are safe while wearing them.”

Nikwax® waterproofing of Whinny Warmers® is recommended on a regular schedule that reflects (more than average garments) the added demands of outdoor wear. Washing socks in Tech Wash® will help fibers attach to the TX Direct® and preserve water resistance for a longer period of time than ordinary laundry detergent.

Sox For Horses, Inc. recommends Whinny Warmers®, combined with Nikwax® waterproofing products, to bring horses in need the greatest relief and comfort during cold winter months.




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